New Home Owners

Being a new home owner can be a bit scary when you have to get a new mortgage, look for a home and ultimately move all of your belongings. The last thing you want is to feel stressed and heartbroken when you find out your first home purchase is a lemon. It’s hard enough to have to pay for a mortgage and insurance but having to pay for an unexpected disaster can just put you over the top.

It’s cheap insurance to have your home inspected. Wouldn’t it be better to know you have a bad $15,000 roof BEFORE you buy the house? Maybe you would like to know the age of your A/C unit? Is that stain underneath the floor joists from a problem that has been masked?

We’re hard to stump and that is why we have an inspection program that will even inspect your brand new home that you’re having built!


Just because it’s new, doesn’t mean it was built correctly! We can show you tricks of the trades and how some builders skim by on quality.